QuadLN_S Firmware

QuadLN_S Version 3.1.4 Update Package

Latest QuadLN_S Version 3.1.4 firmware including manuals covering V3 features for all QuadLN_S family products. Version 3 has the most recently added features including support for up to 16 servos or stall motors, oscillate mode, center-align, etc. See the included ReadMe file for more info.

QuadLN_S Version 2.0.7 Update Package

Latest QuadLN_S Version 2.0.7 firmware including manuals covering V2 features for all QuadLN_S family products. Version 2 is very stable and supports up to 8 servos per QuadLN_S. See the included ReadMe file for more info.


JMRI Update Package for QuadLN_S Version 3.1.4

Update files for JMRI 4.26 to support the latest features in QuadLN_S Version 3.1.4 firmware. (JMRI 4.99.5 or later already contain these files.)

Example JMRI Jython Script to Interrogate QuadLN_S boards one at a time

At startup JMRI attempts to determine the state of all LocoNet Turnouts and Sensors using a process called Stationary Interrogation. On large layouts many LocoNet devices may respond to each Interrogation message, resulting in message collisions, long delays and possible lost information. QuadLN_S Version 3.1.4 firmware can be configured to support direct interrogation, where only one QuadLN_S board responds to each status request. This approach provides for reliable initialization on large layouts. The sample script individually interrogates all QuadLN_S boards in the roster between a starting address and an ending address.


QuadLN_S Getting Started Guide

QuadLN_S Manual Version 3 Firmware

QuadLN_S Manual Version 2 Firmware

Detector Board Manual

Signal Board Manual

Instruction Sheets

Stall Motor Driver Board

Relay Board

DIY Fascia Controller

Pushbutton with LED Ring Light

Mounting Plate

QuadLN_S Mounting Plate stl file (c) 2022 N3IX Engineering

A QuadLN_S mounting plate design for 3D printing. The mounting plate has built-in standoffs for a QuadLN_S and any combination of Detector, Signaling and Driver add-on boards. Use 1/4″ or 3/8″ #4 self-tapping screws to secure the boards to the mounting plate, then attach the mounting plate to a flat surface using appropriate length #4 screws.

I typically print the mounting plates using PLA with about 25% infill. Printing takes about 3 hours on my Vyper. The board mounting hole size was tweaked to make it easy for me to start #4 screws without pre-drilling. Depending on your printer you may need to clean out the holes using a 3/16″ or 7/32″ bit to make threading the screws easier and lessen the risk of breaking a standoff.

Tips and App Notes

Remote Align Board Quick Start

Yard Track Selection Via Pushbutton

User Support Groups is the forum for QuadLN_S questions and discussion. is the place for all things JMRI.