QuadLN_S Stall Motor Driver Board


The QuadLN_S Stall Motor Driver Board add-on provides four 5 Volt outputs for driving Stall Motors, low current 5 Volt Relays and Servos. Includes four 6″ cables plus mounting screws and standoffs.

QuadLN_S Stall Motor Driver Board Features

  • Plug into any QuadLN_S IO Port
  • Provides 4 outputs and supports any mix of stall motors or servos
  • Perfect for transitioning from stall motors to servos
  • Brings the full array of QuadLN_S family features to stall motor users
  • Compatible with most stall motor switch machines used on turnouts with hinged points
  • One output can drive two stall motors in parallel for a crossover
  • Standard 0.1″ headers for easy wiring
  • Includes 6″ cables to wire directly to the stall motor and then add standard servo extension cables as needed
  • Supports 5 Volt relays with rated coil current up to 40 mA and has built-in snubber (flyback) diodes
  • The QuadLN_S Stall Motor Driver Board instruction sheet has the connection details (download below)

Note: if you are using non-hinged points or working in larger scales, check your stall motor with 5V DC power to be sure it delivers enough force for your application. If a higher voltage is required (ex. 12V DC) then you can use a Relay Board for each stall motor instead of the Stall Motor Driver Board.

Stall Motor Driver Board In Action

The QuadLN_S Driver add-on board running a stall motor switch machine. The switch machine position is controlled the same way a servo is controlled: fascia controller, throttle, touch screen/JMRI. Here a fascia controller is toggling the switch machine and the LEDs are configured to flash during movement.
One Driver board output is driving two stall motor switch machines in parallel, which is useful for crossovers, and a second output is driving one stall motor switch machine.

Stall Motor Driver Board Instruction Sheet

The instruction sheet for the Stall Motor Driver Board is available using the link below.