Latest News

Summer shipping holiday

Like many people we enjoy getting out into our beautiful country during the summer and are taking a break from shipping orders until late September. If you have an urgent need for a product before then please contact us and we will try to help out. Technical Support never takes a vacation, so no worries on that front 🙂

Users Group at Gateway 2022

Thank you to everyone that turned out for the QuadLN_S Users Group meeting at Gateway 2022 in St Louis. It was a small, enthusiastic group and we had a fun, 90 minute session.

New Front Mount Fascia Controllers

The latest Front Mount Fascia Controllers are shipping. The updated design is very clean, has good visibility and recesses the pushbutton a bit. There is a square bezel that mounts with screws and a round bezel that can be attached with adhesive. Both bezel styles are available in black or white versions.

If you prefer the Back Mount style, while supplies last these are available at a greatly reduced price.

Stall Motor Driver Boards

Yes you read that right! With new Stall Motor Driver Board and version 3.1 firmware the QuadLN_S is not just for servos anymore. Mix and match servos and stall motors as desired. Connect two stall motors to one output using a Y cable for crossovers.

Relay Boards

We now have Relay Boards available. You can connect the relay to a QuadLN_S Turnout output (set for steady drive) or even to an output on the Signal board. The relay has 2A DPDT contacts and the low current coil means no issues using multiple relay boards on a single QuadLN_S.