Latest News

Our 2024 Summer Break is from mid-July to mid-September. Order now for your Summer and Fall projects.

QuadLN_S version 3.3 firmware has been released! See the Downloads page for the 3.3 update package that contains all the information.

2024 marks the 10th Anniversary of the QuadLN_S!

There is a new App Note on the Downloads page showing how to align a 6 track yard ladder to the desired body track via a single button press. LED indicators show which track is currently selected. All done with one QuadLN_S plus fascia controllers.

We recently added a new Signal Connector Interface Board that links AtlasĀ® signals to the QuadLN_S Signal Board. This board makes installation really easy. Single-ended cables are available to convert other brands of signals. See Signal Board Accessories for more information.

All the TowerPro SG90 Servos have been sold. We are currently evaluating a variety of servos for a special project, and if there is interest we may offer one of those in the future.

New Linear Motion Switch Machine!

3D printed switch machines with linear motion are now available. Comes assembled with servo and microswitch (for point power). See SERVOS AND CABLES for more info.

New “Y” Adapter Board!

New “Y” Adapter Board offers an alternative to using “Y” cables when you wish to split an I/O port right at the QuadLN_S. See SERVOS AND CABLES for more info.

Lower Prices!

Slowly easing supply chain pressures has resulted in a few modest price drops on certain components used on the boards. We are passing the savings on to you with lower prices for the QuadLN_S as well as the Detector Board, Signal Board, and Front-Mount Fascia Controller.

Free Shipping on US orders over $125!

We are continuing to offer free shipping on US orders over $125 even though shipping rates have been rising. To deal with shipping cost increases we are using USPS Ground Advantage or standard UPS when possible. If you need something really fast and want your order shipped USPS Priority Mail please let us know.

Version 3.2 Firmware Released. New Features Include Servo Refresh, Aspect-Controlled Turnouts And More. See DOWNLOADS For The Firmware Update Package.

We have a dealer in the UK – Coastal DCC !

Really happy to announce that Coastal DCC in Ipswitch is carrying the N3IX Engineering QuadLN_S product line. Coastal DCC handled the QuadLN_S for years as a Tam Valley Depot dealer. Although our product offerings are more modest, Coastal DCC has graciously agreed to handle the QuadLN_S and other products from N3IX Engineering. I am so pleased that customers across the pond now have a first rate distributor available. Check them out at Coastal DCC – DCC by Modellers for Modellers

Servo article in N Scale Railroading Aug-Sep

Check out the great article by Keith Lyons on using servos in the Aug-Sep issue of N Scale Railroading Magazine. Keith gave us a nice compliment! Kirk Reddie (Publisher and Editor of that magazine) had an article on his own layout in the latest Model Railroader.

DigiKeijs DR5000 settings for reliable LocoNet communications

There is a new App Note on the Downloads page to help users of the DR5000 optimize communications with the QuadLN_S.

Presentation with version 3.2 enhancements

We did a Powerpoint for NMRA 2022 covering the latest 3.2 enhancements. The slides are available as a video. There are also short videos of the layout demo board and Fascia Controllers on our YouTube Channel “QuadLN_S from N3IX Engineering”. Drop us a note if you have questions.

Powerpoint Presentation for the QuadLN_S Users Group at NMRA Gateway 2022 in St Louis.

New Front Mount Fascia Controllers

The latest Front Mount Fascia Controllers are shipping. The updated design is very clean, has good visibility and recesses the pushbutton a bit. There is a square bezel that mounts with screws and a round bezel that can be attached with adhesive. Both bezel styles are available in black or white versions.

If you prefer the Back Mount style, while supplies last these are available at a greatly reduced price.

Stall Motor Driver Boards

Yes you read that right! With new Stall Motor Driver Board and version 3.1 firmware the QuadLN_S is not just for servos anymore. Mix and match servos and stall motors as desired. Connect two stall motors to one output using a Y cable for crossovers.

Relay Boards

We now have Relay Boards available. You can connect the relay to a QuadLN_S Turnout output (set for steady drive) or even to an output on the Signal board. The relay has 2A DPDT contacts and the low current coil means no issues using multiple relay boards on a single QuadLN_S.