QuadLN_S Detector Board

QuadLN_S Detector Board
QuadLN_S Detector Board current transformers


The QuadLN_S Detector Board add-on provides 4 channels of current detection with individual channel sensitivity adjustments. Includes 4 detectors mounted on their own boards with screw terminal for easy wiring. Also includes mounting screws and standoffs.

QuadLN_S Detector Board Features

  • Plugs in the QuadLN_S Main IO port.
  • Provides 4 detection channels.
  • The QuadLN_S reports changes in the state of each detector to JMRI using LocoNet® Sensor messages.
  • Uses current transformers to detect block feeder current without any electrical connection to DCC.
  • Each current transformer comes mounted on its own small PC board with screw terminals – no soldering under the layout required!
  • The block feeder wire just passes straight through the center of the current transformer (no loops).
  • Simple wiring – hook up the current transformer to the Detector Board using a twisted-pair wire (CAT3 or CAT5 ethernet cable works fine).
  • Individual sensitivity adjustment for each detection channel using the Remote Align board or JMRI.
  • Two sensitivity ranges with 32 levels in each range
  • Utilize any spare detector channel as a general Main IO line.
  • The QuadLN_S Detector Manual has all the details! (download below)

QuadLN_S Detector Board Manual

The latest Detector Board manual is available using the link below..