QuadLN_S LocoNet Servo Decoder Board

QuadLN_S Loconet Servo Board


The QuadLN_S LocoNet® Servo Decoder handles servo control, inputs, outputs and LocoNet® communications. Provides complete turnout control of up to 16 compact SG90 servos. Supports stall motors via optional Driver boards. Optional add-on boards for Detection and Signaling. Fully configurable using JMRI. Operates on a conventional LocoNet® with a command station or on a standalone LocoNet® that has no command station. Firmware can be updated using JMRI. Includes mounting screws and standoffs.

QuadLN_S LocoNet Servo Board Features

  • Operate turnouts from your control panel, throttle, or JMRI.
  • Handles 8 Servos + 8 configurable input/outputs
  • Supports up to 16 Servos per board with version 3 firmware.
  • Each input/output can be both an external input and a servo position indicator output at the same time.
  • Use pushbuttons, toggle switches or external logic from other boards as inputs.
  • 2-position (turnout) and 3-position (semaphore, 3-way stub) servo control.
  • Local inputs can be locked out via (key)switch or Loconet command. Perfect for continuous running during open houses.
  • Turnout Position feedback reporting over Loconet® to confirm commands are received and acted upon.
  • Cascade feature allows aligning an entire yard ladder by throwing just one turnout.
  • 8 Programmable routes for triggering Turnouts, Sensors and Signals.
  • Locally adjust servo parameters using the Remote Align board or set them via JMRI. Remote Align board can also adjust Detector sensitivity and Signal LED brightness.
  • Easily configured using JMRI.
  • Separate Closed and Thrown speed settings for animation of features like a pile driver – slow going up but fast going down.
  • Oscillate mode for easy animation of features like pump heads or wig-wag signal arms.
  • Detector Board add-on for 4 channels of current detection with individual sensitivity adjustments.
  • Signal Board add-on for 24 LED outputs with realistic effects.
  • Field upgradeable firmware (requires Remote Align board and JMRI).
  • So much more – download the QuadLN_S manual plus the Signal Board and Detector Board manuals for all the information (see below).
Version 3.1 firmware running 16 servos simultaneously.

QuadLN_S LocoNet Servo Board Is Not Just For Servos!

The Driver add-on board allows the QuadLN_S to run Stall Motors.

QuadLN_S LocoNet Servo Board Is Not Just For Turnouts!

The QuadLN_S Directional Speed and Oscillate features combine for an incredible animation. View the clip to see the QuadLN_S really do justice to a pile driver created by Dick Roberts, MMR.
Added the new “Oscillate” feature just so that QuadLN_S user Keith Ruberson could easily animate a Wig-Wag signal. A single Turnout or Sensor command starts the action and a single command stops it. The Sensor command could come from a Detector, making it all automatic. Note the lovely cross fade on the 2 LEDs produced by the Signal board. Model and video by Keith Ruberson.

Firmware Updates and Manuals

See the Downloads page for the latest firmware and manuals.

JMRI QuadLN_S decoder template for configuring Servos and IO pins.
JMRI QuadLN_S template with decoder in 16 Servo mode.

User Support Groups

Tam-Valley-Products@groups.io is the forum for QuadLN_S questions and discussion.

jmriusers@groups.io is the place for all things JMRI.

Preconfigured QuadLN_S versions for non-Loconet users

Contact us for information on special preconfigured QuadLN_S versions for use on non-LocoNet® systems.