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The QuadLN_S product family is back in production and Rio says we have to celebrate! Enter code RioSays20 at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase.

The first production run of QuadLN_S Boards are in stock!

Detector Boards are in stock and available!

The Remote Align Board and Signal Board are in stock and available!

Are you looking for a Tam Valley Depot Octo III? One of the QuadLN_S operating modes has 8 servos and 8 inputs for fascia controllers or pushbuttons. We can ship with everything preset for 8 servo mode if requested. All 8 servos can be adjusted using a QuadLN_S Remote Align board – no Loconet or JMRI required for this basic functionality. If you don’t have LocoNet and only want to control your servos using fascia controllers, this may work for you! See the special listing on the QuadLN_S board page to order.

The QuadLN_S product family – Servos, Detectors and Signals

QuadLN_S is the heart of the system and handles servo control, inputs, outputs and LocoNet communications. Provides complete turnout control using compact SG90 servos. Supports optional Detector and Signal add-on boards. Fully configurable using JMRI. Operates on a conventional LocoNet with a command station or on a standalone LocoNet that has no command station. Firmware updates performed using JMRI (Remote Align board required to initiate a firmware update).

Detector Board add-on for 4 channels of current detection with individual channel sensitivity adjustments. Includes 4 detectors mounted on their own boards with screw terminal for easy wiring.

Signal Board add-on for 24 LED outputs with realistic effects for Searchlights, CPL signals and crossings.

See the individual product pages for more information or download the Version 2 or Version 3 packages below and get the manuals for all 3 boards.

Need more information? John Burrow of the NCMRS did a great video that explains the QuadLN_S and how they use at their club. You can view it here:

Firmware Updates and Manuals

Version 2

Latest QuadLN_S Version 2 firmware including manuals covering V2 features for all QuadLN_S family products. Version 2 is very stable and supports up to 8 servos per QuadLN_S. See the included ReadMe file for more info.

Version 3

Latest QuadLN_S Version 3 update package including manuals covering V3 features for all QuadLN_S family products. Version 3 has the most recently added features including support for up to 16 servos, oscillate mode, center-align, soft start, etc. See the included ReadMe file for more info. The manuals are available using the link below. Please contact us directly to receive the update package.

JMRI QuadLN_S decoder template showing the main configuration tab.