R&D Turnarounds

  • Reinvigorate product development.
  • Leadership and vision.
  • Proven track record.

Hardware and Software Design Services

  • Microprocessor-based instrumentation, digital and analog design.
  • Software development and maintenance.
  • Product strategy reviews and technical design reviews.

Experience and Commitment

  • Extensive development experience including low cost designs.
  • Insightful, hard working and persistent.
  • Outstanding at dealing with legacy design issues.

“Robin is one of the most competent engineers and managers I have known. As an engineer, he is equally comfortable working on a theoretical or hands-on level. He can troubleshoot code one minute and deal with product development and project management tasks the next minute. He has refined analytical skills and persistence that enable him to solve problems as well as anyone I have ever observed. He has the ability to look at a business situation, whether technical, financial, operations, or marketing, and cut through the minutia to understand what is working, what is not, and determine what needs to be done to take corrective action.”

Senior Sales and Marketing Exec

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