I/O Tools

The QuadLN_S product family is back in production and Rio says we have to celebrate! Enter code RioSays20 at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase.

I/O Port Tester

The I/O Port Tester board is used here at N3IX Engineering to test the I/O pins on every QuadLN_S. Plugs directly into the Main IO or Aux IO port and includes 4 pushbuttons and 8 LEDs. Use this to try out your QuadLN_S.


4-in-1 Fascia Controller

Same board as the I/O Port Tester board but a different header and connects to the QuadLN_S using 3-wire servo cables. Includes 4 pushbuttons and 8 LEDs. Comes with two 12″ cables that plug into the Main or Aux I/O port. Increase the distance by adding standard servo extension cables.