Detector Board

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The Detector Board plugs in the QuadLN_S Main IO port and provides 4 detection block channels. The QuadLN_S reports changes in the state of each detector to JMRI using LocoNet Sensor messages.

Detection is done using current transformers which detect block feeder current without any electrical connection to DCC. The block feeder wire just passes straight through the center of the current transformer (no loops).

Each current transformer is mounted on its own small PC board along with a screw terminal block that makes hook up easy using a simple twisted-pair wire – old CAT 3 or 5 ethernet cable works fine.

Sensitivity can be adjusted individually for each detection channel using the Remote Align board or JMRI.

Provision has been included to utilize any unused detector channel as a general Main IO line.. The QuadLN_S Detector Manual has all the details!

Detector Board Manual

The latest Detector Board manual is available using the link below..