About Us


The original QuadLN was born of a collaboration between Duncan McRee of Tam Valley Depot and Robin Becker of N3IX Engineering to create a new Tam Valley Depot LocoNet stationary decoder with the features of the existing QuadPic 4 servo decoder. Robin made the new QuadLN product field-upgradable and began steadily adding features. After Duncan updated the hardware to support further enhancements and Robin upgraded the software to support up to 8 servos, the original QuadLN became the QuadLN_S. After that the product family vision began to take shape. First came the Signal add-on board and later the Detector add-on board, allowing the QuadLN_S to fully support an OS / Control Point. To accompany each new board, Robin added new features maximizing the utility and value of the system. The innovation goes on to this day – the latest upgrade enables one QuadLN_S to support up to 16 servos.


Duncan was recently diagnosed with a serious medical condition and has retired, bringing an end to manufacture and sales of the QuadLN_S by Tam Valley Depot. Duncan has passed the QuadLN_S product family over to Robin, and N3IX Engineering now handles manufacture and sales of the QuadLN_S family.


Since the beginning Robin has provided the customer support for the QuadLN products. He is committed to the QuadLN_S system and works tirelessly to help users achieve their model railroad control goals. Robin uses the entire family of products on his own layout.


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